Chat GPT 3.5 API calls

This Chat GPT 3.5 API implementation is my first attempt. I’ve decided to use AWS to represent modern innovative approach to handling data and software within a business. This wordpress site is hosted as an AWS Lightsail instance (cheaper than ec2 🙂 ).

Then I’ve setup AWS Lambda function. I opted for specialising within Visual Studio Code. I had to therefore first learn about SAM (serverless application model), Docker and AWS extension all of which help manage deployments of AWS lambda code.

Then I had to setup API Gateways and logging to help figure out multiple errors I received as the code which handled the front and Back-end changed over time.

I also had to setup an account with openai where the API calls are billed against my credit amount.

In this current version the bot should be just a basic call to API with history. In effect it will mimick exactly what you can experience on, however this is just the first stage. Next we will look at fine-tuning and in the last stage we will tackle privacy options and viability of Chat GPT for enterprises.